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How do I fix a stuck starcard?

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Does anybody here now how to reset a class? Because a few days ago I hopped on swbf2 to play the new gamemode. And when I select the heavy class I noticed I had a smart ion grenade equipped, that star card is only for the assault class and I cant unepuip it from my heavy class. How do i fix this? I am playing on PC.


  • try to play arcade and remove card to all classes. then play another mode. i think it will solve you problem
  • @Speedjack I don't know If this Is what you were talking about, but I jump into a arcade match and tried to unequipped the star card but I can't. When i try to swap it out for a different card It just says "left ability already replaced".
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  • I wish i could stick thermal detonator in place of the shock grenade with specialist.
    xJENARIx on XBOX and PS4
  • @xXxJENARIxXx I wish I could actually use the card but I can't. it's glitch to where it shows a smart iron grenade, but I only use the level one default impact grenade. I cant swap the smart ion for my fully upgrade impact.
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