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Jedi generals

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As we all are aware by now there
are currently skins for the clone trooper that change what battalion or Corp they belong to each of these had a respective Jedi master to oversee largescale conflicts and trade disputes.
So in order to get as much content as possible that people may even possibly pay for, I personally one of them.

The following masters are what I believe could really add some spice to the field of battle.

Plo Koon - yellow blast of lightning, flurry strike, elbow crash

Stass Allie - cure, lunging kicks, saber throw

Aayla Secura - jumping slam, project, Offensive stand.

Saesse tinn - Ground to air, foresight, turbulence,

Mace windu - shatterpoint, Vaapad, battlemasters blade,

Luminara Unduli - Force barrier, Quake with cascading debris, graceful pommel bash

And Kit Fisto - force blast, shi-cho master, rapid parry



  • It would be cool. An outer rim sieges season maybe. But it would also be a lightsaber hero overload. hmm.... I need to meditate on this.
  • OcDoc
    2021 posts Member
    Love it!

    Would prefer new maps for CS and guns first though.
  • Or all at once a luminara model is practically ready to go in game after a few touch ups and would like to see the clone wars voice actress
  • I mean ready to go because the specialist class has a skin that's the spotting image of her
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