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Capital Supremacy Battle Points reduction!?

So today I've found myself being rewarded far, FAR fewer Battle Point than previously on Capital Supremacy? Previously I would find myself with a wealth of BP which meant everyone could afford special units quickly and - should they lose them - get back into the fight with them very quickly. This kept an often long game mode fast-paced and fun. Now I've found that hardly any are being rewarded?
I wondered if this was a glitch, if other people have been experiencing this and/or have a problem with it.

It's putting me off Capital Supremacy very quickly..!


  • OcDoc
    1947 posts Member
    Thought it was double XP this past weekend. Maybe bonus BP was included.

  • OcDoc wrote: »
    Thought it was double XP this past weekend. Maybe bonus BP was included.

    If that's the case - I hope they up how much BP you get on CS.
  • It was triple points weekend last weekend. So the 500 points you got for capturing was 1500 over the weekend. I noticed that too!
  • Yeah it wasn't only triple XP it was triple BP too. I like it way more how it is now... that was just too much battlepoints to handle.
  • I was ending up with 150,000+ each game. It was crazy! I did manage to level up ARC Trooper so theres that!
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