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Luminara unduli (Just read)

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I believe that at this point ahsoka would take longer to create however we have a specialist skin for rebels and resistance that allows you to look the spitting image of Luminara Unduli she is in my opinion the perfect counter to Asajj Ventress as they faced each other more than twice, the 3rd time alongside Aayla Secura on Alzoc 3. She was also directly responsible for getting anakin, Obi wan and Padmé from the Panaka arena on Geonosis by using a battle tank to take out multiple shield generators before thé battle actually began.


Cascading Quake - Cause's debris from the environment to be hurdled in a 360oc direction, also cracks the floor around her. The closer the enemy the more damage inflicted.

Mirialan Master - surrounds allies and herself with force bubbles that erupt with a flash of light and deflect bolts, it canlast for a total of up to 30 seconds per ally and 45 on herself.

Pomel Smash - Luminara conjure's the force to amplify her speed and strikes multiple enemies with the bottom of her saber causing a distortion to enemies up to 4 can be affected



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