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New Naboo Map = Naboo Plains or Otho Gungan ?

With Playable Gungan, Kaadu ?
I hope !


  • Ferrius
    50 posts Member

    Uhh, only if they add hunt mode where we got to play as natives in old BF

    To the other news: most of the copmanies shares worth, that were specialising in construcing power converters are plummeting due to the closure of several stations that had been distributing them troughout the galaxy. Market analytics indicates that all of them were closed because of an apperant lack of demand for them on the galaxy market.
  • Naboo plains would be the perfect setting for the new CS map.
  • did they mention we get a completely new map of the planet? As far as I understood it would be similar to the map we already have but slightly adjusted..
  • It's a new additional location in roadmap.
  • jo_achim747
    631 posts Member
    edited April 3
    It's a new additional location in roadmap.

    It says Additional Location in the Header, with the following as a description:

    "An existing Star Wars Battlefront II Clone Wars-era planetary location is added to the Capital Supremacy"

    Sounds to me like the same planet and the same location on this planet.


    EDIT: As so often, this is one of the major issues - the roadmap and statements are very vague
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