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Palpatine needs a block



  • quenaelin
    1102 posts Member
    Alex64 wrote: »
    So every blaster hero need a block

    They already have some kind of blocking, Leia has shield, Iden has droid shield and Bossk has mine field, Chewie has his ground slam, Phasma with her droid, Han has his detonite charge...
    1605 posts Member
    I think palps doesn't use a saber anymore so he won't be viewed as a sith, while vader is known to be a old jedi
    For the Greater Good

  • Prop4FORDAYZ
    68 posts Member
    edited June 2
    He also had the ability to block, even as the emperor. He just used his hand instead of his lightsaber.
  • He definitely needs a block against force powers but not lightsabers
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