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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

Future maps for cross era

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Sullust - Nien Numb

Felucia - Aayla Secura

Cato Numodia - plo koon and his starfighter.

Mygeeto - Ki-adi-Mundi & clone marines

Salucami - Stass Allie

Geonosis (Queens hive) - Luminara Unduli and her personal tank

Alderaan - Padmé & Aurra Sing

Ryloth - purple clone legion troops and Mace windu.

Scarif - imperial beach troopers, Director Krennic and Jynn Erso.

Corusant - chancilor kidnapped senario with Shaak ti & order 66 mode

Capital supremacy mode heros such as Saaesee Tinn for air and ground combat heros and villans can use there vehicles.

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    I think we need to finalize things with reinfocmenets first, both balancing and integrating new ones. But talks already going about Ashoka and Ventress
    To the other news: most of the copmanies shares worth, that were specialising in construcing power converters are plummeting due to the closure of several stations that had been distributing them troughout the galaxy. Market analytics indicates that all of them were closed because of an apperant lack of demand for them on the galaxy market.
  • I agree with the reinforcement biy But thats my point ventress and ahsoka fought twice over the course of the clone wars then after ahsoka was betrayed they became friends surely the most logical thing to do is to make her counter someone who has the better skill set to deal with ventress, I've said it before and I'll keep saying it luminara undulI and ventress battled at least four times two occasions being with aayla the other with ahsoka and the final couple of battles they had were very short due to ventress always running away. And besides with dices track record ahsoka would take far longer in terms of her model compared to ventress the specialist class has the face and body for luminara already existing so why not pop that bloody annoying fault
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