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[PC] Mandalorian Armed Forces [MAF] - Recruiting Now for BF2!

Greetings, fellow Battlefront Enthusiasts!

Looking for a relaxed gaming clan that's all about enjoying a good game with a few friendly faces? Then MAF is just the clan for you!

We are a rather old clan, with our origin being way back in 2004. We started with Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, and played that same game until the recent years. Now, we've branched out into a wide variety of games, and continuing to expand further than we've ever been before! Our reach has now extended to Battlefront II, and we're looking to recruit you! Yes, you! Head on over to to learn more about us and apply today! Our discord link can also be found there right on the front on our home page! Until then, see you on the battlefield!

~ Tasmann44,
Co-Leader of MAF


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