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Suggested Strategy/Tips for Playing Against Anakin

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I posted this as a reply to someone who asked for tips in a different thread. Making this a topic on its own to share with the community if you’re interested in wanting some help with defeating him.

Before commenting, I also want to add that my suggested strategy may be most useful for Heroes vs Villains. So please consider this as you read. I’m not simply wanting to hear insulting comments, berating, trash talk, or anything that is offensive strictly because I focused on this mode. Constructive criticisms and feedback are certainly welcome, and if anyone can provide additional tips that would be helpful for other modes, feel free to share.


Highly recommend that you always block as soon as you see him trying to use Heroic Might. Wait until the player activates the ability before making an attempt of attacking him. Otherwise you’ll be caught in the blast and most likely lose a lot of health or be killed before you can even make a move.

Saber’s who can block are Kylo Ren, Darth Vader, General Grievous and Dooku. You can also block his Pull Dominance, but you have to be paying careful attention with what the player is doing to notice that he is trying to use this ability.

It’s good to have a balance of players for offense and stunners in your group, and if you make use of these players abilities along with who you choose, makes it even easier. Emperor Palpatine’s Dark Aura and Electrocute are effective at slowing him down, as is Captain Phasma’s sentry droid and Iden’s stun droid. Bossk deals a lot of damage when Predator Instincts active, and generally is useful because of his traps (proximity mines and dioxis grenade). With any one of these blaster users, you’re chances are good of killing him from a distance or even close range.

Kylo, General Grievous and Count Dooku are all suggested for offensive play. They’re effective in close range combat, but you must be cautious as he can attempt to counter you with Passionate Strike. Since they added the new light saber combat, be careful of not draining your stamina too quickly either, otherwise you’re exposed to any attack from him or other player’s defending him.

Don’t recommend using Darth Vader, unless you don’t already have one of the above offensive characters in play. I’ve also noticed that you can potentially avoid his Retribution as long as you aren’t within range when it’s active, or if another player hits you while already being choked. But that’s a rare occurrence, so don’t expect that to happen all the time.

Dodge his Passionate Strike whenever you can. If you’re a blaster, dodging is your best friend and will potentially keep you alive until reinforcements come to help assist you.
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