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Vibroblade Should Stun Heroes Like Lightsabers

179 posts Member
edited April 5
I just hit Rey with Vibroblade while she was attacking somebody else and after the first hit she instantly was able to go into block. That shouldn't happen. Heroes hit with Vibroblade should have stun.


  • Odinnir
    30 posts Member
    Heroes can't stun like that anymore. Actually the vibroblade is dumb op. Just attack a hero, knock him down and repeat cuz the cooldown is dumb low. Everytime i face a vibroblade my hero is stunned forever, can't do abilities, attack, block or anything if the first hit is right.
  • vonVile
    179 posts Member
    Yeah, I was finally able to hit with it, but I know I connected with Rey because I was deep in her patootie.
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