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Dice, this is why you should let us use gametime.maxvariablefps

This command excist in the engine but it's not working like it used to do. It works in Battlefield so why not in this game?

It's better to limit the fps in the game than using a program like Rivatuner and V-SYNC alone is not good. We also need to limit the max fps even when using G-SYNC since it works best 2-3 frames below the monitors maxium hz. E.G. With a 144hz monitor you cap the fps to 141 for the least input lag and delay. Just Google how to properly use G-Sync, the community knows what best so please listen.

Even if you don't use G-SYNC you want to limit the fps close to your hz. It's also better for your computer since it use less energy. So let's save some energy and enable gametime.maxvariablefps. Better for the players, better for the world.


  • I totally agree. This is a video menu setting in BF V, so we know the engine supports this setting. It just makes sense to add this. G-sync and Freesync have been a gamers best friend for a few years.
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