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Post Your Favorite Anakin Kills

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I've killed Anakin many times when his health was low as he tries to Heroic Might, but I just got my favorite kill just today. I was on Endor during the final phase as a Death Trooper on the second level at the back of the bunker. Anakin decides to just up to my level, so I start shooting the hell out of him. With less than 100 health left he runs behind one of those computer to hide and try to heal. Anakin thought he was safe, but I tossed a Sonic Grenade in his face killing him. :)
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  • Psy3d
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    Ohh you mean killing Ani...

    Well I'm a ninja droid guy and here's one I did when I got him from behind

    In GA, with some adept team mates...he's easy.
  • Kylo with frenzy
  • Empire_TW
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    This one right here, though if he knew what he was doing he would have killed me

    Saving teammates from his 'I win' ability is always good too

    Avenging teammates is good too
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  • Unwarycoin
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    I once defeated a half health Anakin and two full health heroes as Darth Vader, and I only lost half my health (maybe less, maybe more). At some point, as a trooper, I learned to not stand near Anakin while he’s charging Heroic Might... I did not learn to stop shooting at him though.
    Never forget
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