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[PC] The Day Ninjas Legion - New casual clan looking for members. (XB1 & PS4 welcomed)

[Battlefront - PC/Xbox 1/PS4] The Day Ninjas Legion

(DN), -DN- in game

The Day Ninjas Legion
Hello! Today I want to invite casual players who are looking for a casual clan. I recently created this clan in hopes of creating a community of laid back players who are down to try fun and silly tactics and just enjoy the company of others. Competitive play isn't enforced however it isn't excluded either. I myself can try quite hard when I want to win a game.

Nothing too much here. The only thing I ask is that players are mature and preferred to be over the age of 14. Common sense regarding language and behavior is expected. If you are to join the Discord, you will be greeted with an introduction channel. There, you will introduce yourself and wait for approval.

My goal:
My end goal is to create a strong Battlefront 2 clan with members ranging from PC to both consoles. In the perfect world, I would have three captains. One per console so that management of the entirety of the clan's organization and stability is strong. As of right now, the amount of clan members is very minimal but within time I intend for that number to grow. To rival other clans who control PC spectrum in a friendly fashion is one of my goals.

That's about all I have to say. Thanks for reading! You will find the Discord join link below.



  • I not a fan of discord clans so I’m part of a clan that operates on apps which allows for effective and fast communication. I can’t join your clan because I don’t use discord but I highly recommend you join my. There’s nothing wrong with being in multiple clans. To join my clan you just need to download the “Line” app and DM me your ID that you create on the app.
  • Also we all use code base nick names such as CT-5555 ect..
  • I play on PS4. I hope that's okay.
  • Bumping to help promote the clan.
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