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ASAJJ VENTRESS and better counter (quicker to make)

Asajj Ventress : Do you think you'll still be able to call on the Force even after I've separated your head from your body? Luminara Unduli : Even with my vision clouded, I recognize the fighting style of Count Dooku. Your version is unrefined, amateurish, sloppy.

So as you can guess it's my personal opinion that the best counter for Ventress is Luminara Unduli as she herself is an extremely versatile hero in various senario's. I believe she would be far easier and quicker to create than ahsoka as she is basically already a model in game for the specialist, for ahsoka I believe that her model would take longer to create and with dice''s record there would be a lot of set backs so give them extra time and they could release her with the seventh sister. And luminara did survive till the end of order 66 in canon.

Luminara uses the force to shatter the ground around her in a 360oc diameter, the force also raises surrounding debris to knock down enemies. The closer to luminara the more damage taken.

Pomel Smack - Luminara augments her speed to bounce to up to 5 enemies and smacking them with her lightsaber hilt causes a minor concusion that prohibits gun fire.

Mirialan Master - with sheer will and the strength of her people's unity luminara influence''s allies around her putting there weapons on yellow and boosting there abilities to go on cooldown.


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