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Leia orgigana

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edited April 8
So as we all know there are times that leia is extremely useful and times were she is not. However with a buff to her Shield that damages any enemies that step inside it aswell as an improvement her flash grenade that if held for longer the bigger the flash.

Skins: as much as I like bounty hunter leia id much rather be able to play as "princess leia" white dress..... yaaasss,
And her last jedi appearance would be nice makes more sense to be running around crait or jakku as a more mature leia. It would also give me warm carrie Fisher flutters


  • Ummm i like the flash grenade improvement. Not to keen on seeing the squad shield damage enemies though. Flash grenade is pretty weak compared to most other cc.
  • RyanK388
    1464 posts Member
    I’d rather a buff to the shield that Slows and damages them similar to the Specialists Shock Grenade to give the Shield some more tactical ability than just as a big barrier on a timer
  • I'd love to see this

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