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New skins for already existing characters

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* Obi Wan Kenobi
- Phantom Menace skin (with the short hair, without the brown shirt beneath his mian clothes and with the different
- A New Hope skin with the jedi robes NOT hooded (old Obi Wan)
- A New Hope skin with the jedi robes hooded (old Obi Wan)
* Anakin Skywalker
- Jedi general skin from Star Wars the Clone Wars (with the upper chest, shoulders and legs armor plates)
well.....already have the general Kenobi skin, soo wy not this skin as well??
- Episode 2 attack of the clones skin without the jedi robes (with the short hair and his clothing beneath his leather
vest is a less darker brown colour then his episode 3 clothing).
* Luke Skywalker
I find it actual kinda odd that he still only has 2 skins available while he has been wearing quite a lot of different
clothes during episode 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
- The clothing that he was wearing in episode 4 when he met Obi Wan for the first time.
- The clothing he was wearing on Cloud City when he was fighitng Darth Vader.
- The same main jedi common skin but then without the black vest (that continuous under his belt)and without his
black left glove (so that you can see his bare hand).
- Stormtrooper skins without the helmet of course and with his blue lightsaber (soo that it is story accurate).
- A episode 7 skin with his jedi robes NOT hooded and robot hand visible and with the green lightsaber
- The clothing that he was wearing in episode 8 when he was fighting Kylo Ren and with the blue lightsaber.
* Darth Maul
- With the robes and hooded.
- With the robot legs from The Clone wars.

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  • Seriously been waiting for Bespin Luke skin for ages. Why does every other Rebel era hero have at least 3 skins but he doesn't? Even Chewie has 3 skins! Luke has so many good options for outfits!
  • I agree, but at this point, is it still worth it for the developers to do so at this point? I'd love to see new skins for the heroes though.

    Light Side:
    1. "Old Ben Kenobi" With Jedi Robes, but hooded, like his final duel with Vader.
    2. "Jedi Exile" for Luke, basically older, bearded with long hair," wearing robes, of course.
    3. "Seasoned Smuggler," Old Han Solo.
    4."Kashyyyk Warrior", Wookie Armor for Chewie.
    5."Princess" for Leia, with her original hair style and white robes as first seen in "A New Hope"

    Dark Side:
    1. "War Torn" for Vader; damaged helmet ( sith eye creeping out without it looking too cheesy? ), visible damages throughout his body, sparkling cybernetics, his cape has laser holes and burnt at the end, etc.
    2."Jango's Colors" for Boba. Don't even have to give him the blasters, just change the color of his armor and remove the cloth from his shoulder.
    3."Sidious" for Palpatine, before his final encounter with Mace Windu. Same robes, red eyes, normal skin ( think Phantom Menace )
    4. "Dark Robes" for Darth Maul, with the hood on, like his first duel with Qui-Gon Jin, along with "Maul;" shirtless, longer horns, and with cybernetic legs.
    5."Caped," for Grevious.

    For the other characters, I'm sure it would not be difficult to come up with something, especially when Dooku can now fight in his PJ's
  • Noahspeedi
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    *Emperor Palpetine


    -red robe from Episode III

    -chancellor outfit

    *Leia Organa


    -princess outfit from Episode IV

    -Bespin outfit from Episode V

    -Slave outfit from Episode VI

    -maybe Ewok village outfit

    *Luke Skywalker


    -Endor outfit from Episode VI

    *Darth Vader


    -helmet damaged from the fight against Ashoka

    *General Grievous


    -caped from Episode III



    -Porg on a shulder from Episode VIII
  • Noahspeedi
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    edited April 14
    DICE please bring these Skins in the gamefk5n6b93zb9m.png
  • ^Yes, I would also like to see and buy Bespin Luke and Tatooine Farmboy Luke skin appearances. As a tribute to The Rise of Skywalker!
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