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Ideas and suggestions. Dice please respond. & News! Hero fixes! Standard health on kill. new heros?

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So there is some news. Standard lightsaber blocking and health on kill cards for all heros is finally being looked into. Because heros like Phasma and yoda and especially chewie with charge slam never can regain health in GA. THANK YOU DICE for looking into it! <3

All hero’s are going to get a standard health on kill card. This will make hero’s like chewie and Phasma useful in GA. This has been confirmed

——-Hero fixes.......
——Possible hero fixes:

Boba Fett. It has been stated that Boba Fett is going to get some interesting Jett pack gameplay changes. Word for word. That’s great!! However that’s not enough with the lowest health of every hero...... so

EE3 blaster rifle. Can you add a mid range scope to bobas rifle. In the movies and lore boba has a scope but we can’t zoom in with his gun.

Concussion rocket:
can you finally add gradual damage to his concussion rocket like what the stinger pistol does. So that the concussion rocket ability will actually be a useful ability and not a useless one anymore. It’s currently the most useless ability in the game.

Saber throw:
can mauls saber throw be changed to a horizontal throw. It’s hard to ever get hits at ranged

General greivious:
Unrelenting advance:
can his unrelenting advance be fixed so it will block damage and deal more.
or could you just change the unrlelenting Advance to a unrelenting strikes ability so for a short amount of time like bossks grenades. grievous could attack with 4 light sabers instead of 2 dealing double damage.
Either way please do something about that ability.

——New content::::: maps and hero’s:::::.

Also I am beyond happy about the announcement of more clonewars supremacy maps and new clone wars maps in general that the game is being supported further.

However can we also get new hero’s like

•Ashoka Tano, weapon lightsaber, secondary boken light saber.

Dual strikes: can attack really fast in a lunge dealing normal damage with lightsaber and secondary damage with her smaller boken lightsaber that deals massive accumulative damage like the stinger pistol,

Force of reckoning: Ashoka gains insight and luck to deal with the situation dealing 2x more damage to enemies and taking 2x less damage
Temporarily, For very short time. as it would be OP without a short active time. No extension with kills. will have to wait for ability to cool down to reuse.

Saber push: Ashoka attacks with a 360 degree saber slash that deals lightsaber damage, but that also sends a 360 degree force push further out than the slash radius.

•Padmé Amidala, weapon Padmes Naboo pistol -Fast firing

Pistol charge: padme charges up her naboo pistol to deal a massive explosive shot dealing damage to what it hits and the radius around the shots explosion

Pistol snipe: Padme shot doesn’t miss a enemy at a distance.

Blind lust: padme is blinded by love and doesn’t think clearly. Clearly something wrong was happening to Anakin.
This blind lust gives her 90 percent damage reduction allows her to get out of a situation, but she deals 90% percent less damage with her pistol while this is activated

•captain Rex, weapon dual pistols.

Dual pistol fury: deals 2x damage with pistols temporarily,

Droid poppers: Rex throws a couple grenades in front of him these grenades explode and send EMPs out
Deals a small amount of damage to enemies.
But massive damage to ships, transports, vehicles and electronics like scan pulses and stationary electronics like blaster turrets

Clone captain: gives allies a morale boost allies and the hero himself gain extra health that will slowly deplete, allies deal more damage to enemies so long as some of the extra health bar remains. While this ability also gives Rex extra health it does not give him the damage boost only his allies.

•mace windu. Weapon windu’s lightsaber. Secondary attack is force punch’s “clonewars animated series 2000”

Heroic slam:
Windu jumps in the air taking 90 percent damage reduction during the animation and slams to the ground with the force sending out a force push in a 360 degree wave and dealing slam damage to those closer in proximity to the slam.

Vapad: mace windu channels the dark side of the force dealing more damage temporarily and this ability also negates count dookus dark aura and absorbs dark side ability’s that he can send the damage back out in the form of light saber strikes

Force crush: mace windu lunges towards a group of enemies and crush”s there bodies with the force. Killing them or if they survive they are wounded and handicapped until the enemy respawns. The remaining wound would only apply to enemy troopers not hero’s

•asajj ventress, weapon dual sith sabers

Dark reflexes: lets her jump higher and move faster than any hero for a short time,

vengeful push: a force push, that also deals deals damage, this force push doesn’t knock you down but for short time enemy’s hit by vengeful push will take extra damage from all attacks

Dual saber finesse: deals double damage with lightsabers for short amount of time.

•ig88, weapon sniper rifle. With shot gun attachment

Shock scan: ij88 drops shock grenades adjacent to him. they would not stun enemy, just would leave enemy’s more susseptible to damage temporarily. But they also release a pulse scanning the area for enemy’s, the pulse also disable enemy equipment and electronics such as blaster turrets,

Metal burn: Ig88 hits the ground hard, causing stun damage, releases insendiary grenades in a 360 degree radius.

Grenade toss: volleys multiple micro grenades at once towards a area, like the atst grenade shot.

•Jango Fett weapon Jango”s dual pistols

“different Jetpack gameplay mechanics”think similar to the jet pack troopers.
So it would be different than boba and dual pistols, optical scanning some kind of exmplosive trip mines and kamino saber darts could be fun with him. His jet pack fuel will refill faster than bobas since he can’t fly above everyone for long times like boba.

Jetpack ability: jet pack fuel doesn’t deplete for short time. Releases enemy scan pulses.

Bomb drop. Drops a couple impact grenades. that detonate on impact. Can drop them around himself on the ground or while in the air. like a dive bombing mechanic. That would be fun

Deadly aim: fires one shot dealing massive damage and if it locks on before firing it won’t miss.

Kamino Saber shot. Fires a saber darts from wrist. 1 to start but can increase to multiple with star card. Good base damage and new mechanic it deals more damage the further away the shot is. Plus standard kamino saber dart poison damage. Poison damage would be like dioxis gas poison damage but maybe cause mild paralysis like in the clone wars movie.

I know I listed 4 hero’s and 3 villian. But it would balance out after looking at the 1 old hero and 2 old villains that could be ported over. That I lost after the old maps. That would mean a total of 5 hero’s and 5 villains

—-Old hero’s and maps: from 2015 battlefront.::::::

Can you port over the old walker assault maps from 2015 to be galactic assualt maps such as bespin, the old Endor map, the old Hoth map, the old sullest map would be great too! Also the old hero v villian maps being ported over would be great!
and could you bring back some of the old hero’s:

Old Hero’s

•Nien numb:::
multiple proximity mines: can drop proximity mines and have multiple amounts of them on the battlefield but he only drops one at a time.

Sniper rifle: his sniper rifle toggle ability. Sniper rifle has a fast charge up rate.

Upgradable turret: he places a blaster turret that has a faster lock on and deals more damage that regular turret. It’s programmed to learn and after killing X amount of enemies it will start to deal explosive damage in its shots, his upgradable turret.

•Greedo! Weapon greedo”s pistol -fast fire rate.

Quick shot:
Fast shot ability similar to landos, but with a very fast recharge and it doesn’t work at as long of a range.

detonate on sight: thermal detonators that have a fast recharge time,
that upgrade to thermal imploders after so many kills.

Blue shadow: a blue scan pulse ability that will show enemies as blue outlines when throwing a canister that releases a blue gas clouding vision of enemies who come in contact with it.

•dengar. Dengar’s heavy blaster rifle

Fast shots: Gatling gun ability with explosive bolts, firing off bolts at a very fast rate for a temporary period of time.

Gun sweep: sweep charge ability, charges towards enemies and sweeps them with his gun.

Defensive rush:
a defensive buff ability, takes less damage for x amount of time time can be extended by kills.
That would be awesome
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  • What are people’s thoughts on these abilities?
    New maps new heroes

    And old maps and old hero’s being ported over
  • I love all your ideas! If they ported over maps from the campaign and made the skins for the Rebel and Resistance forces as well as imperial storm troopers changeable like they already have for clone troopers, then make all the "default" weapons selectable in the weapon menus, that would be a great start. And an easy one since all that content is already in the game.
  • Well that is ok. You mentioned weapons they’ve already said there will be new standard trooper weapons. They are in production. So that’s good
  • KungfuBepo
    46 posts Member
    edited April 10
    I’m still hoping for a utapau map and a corusant map. I would love if I could get a response from dice.
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  • I hate that dice hardly ever responds to people’s suggestions and feedback.
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