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Rage quitters, what's your reason for leaving the match?



  • I quit because the game sometimes gets glitchy - only some of my commands go through so you end up not throwing your grenade or start running and then inexplicably switch to a walk or as an ariel arm yourself with a rocket and then find that the game has disarmed you.
    The worst was a period when I was teleporting random short distances - I found myself running into walls and obstacles.
    I read a post that someone thought the developers were trying to even up the experience for everyone by hampering those with a better ping rate. If that is the case, they messed up the game. You might think that it is best to persevere but all you'll do is overcompensate and pick up bad habits that you'll carry over into a properly constructed game.
  • Meh, I wouldn't see a reason to rage quit. It's too fun to rage quit. Even if you're getting killed so many times :D
  • The only ever times for me involved either severe server or personal internet connection lag, or matches where so many left that it essentially was pointless continuing, as the other team would wait near the spawn areas and wait for people to walk through. Other than that I stick it out.

    I think it's a very open ended question really. It's like asking why some people get angry and others don't.

    Some go mental over football matches and opposite supporters.
  • I have never left a match in my BF2 career
  • I ragequit last night in SFA because some knob was Yoda and camping the spawn point. He got me three times in a row before I could even react. I just didn't want to play with that person.
    WHat usually happens is I end up on a team who all go off chasing AI, leaving me and one or two othe rplayers to go solo after the objective and just get obliterated. I've been in situations where I have like 75 points after five or six respawns, because I'm just getting ganged up on. No. Fun.

    I never play SFA anymore because people are trying to hit specific levels or goals not the objectives!!! and you are always left hanging... and spawn in and count to 2 getting proton torpedoed SUCKS
  • I have Not Rage quit BUT I have played HVV a few times were I wanted too and there are 4 players on my team except I only see one other person, we are getting our rear ends handed to us..... So I decide to run all over the map to "find" the 2 other players, they werent AFK , but instead shooting a wall on Bespin to create a D**K pic.... I have also played in a game of HVV on Kamino were I saw 3 people continuously Spawn In only to jump in formation off edges to their death, I assume they were trying to see how quick they could end a game or were capturing footage for something... but Seriously people (or Children in this Case) getting kicked off by server in a heated game really Sucks!!!
  • I don't play a game for other people’s pleasure, I play it for my own. If I’m not having fun because of a noob player, I’m going to quit. Period. It’s just a video game. Also, I’d rather not spike my own BP being ***** off when I can just find a better game to join. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  • crap game, crap team, bugs, glitches, bad server, all are relevant
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  • I have no qualms about quitting a game when it's not fun. When one team is working together really well and the other is not working as a team at all and instead attacks one at a time in isolation, like henchmen in a Bond movie, the game stops being fun. You are either running around in a posse, surrounding a lone enemy and hacking at him with no skill, or you are being surrounded by 4 enemies, normally after being tossed around by Force-users and are then killed in a second in a big gang pile-on. And then someone who has leveled his hero up to 350 and has a ridiculous username like darthnapalm69 uses some annoying, cocky, bloody emote and I think ... what am I doing with my life? So I quit the game.

    It's a computer game. It's not eating your greens or training for a marathon. There is no upside to persevering when it's not fun. The only potential upside is you might get slightly better at a computer game so you can be more like darthnapalm69.
  • On this game, lag and bugs.
    On other games like Battlefield my teammates
  • SQJACKIE wrote: »
    On this game, lag and bugs.
    On other games like Battlefield my teammates

    Definitely. I'll leave if the team just sucks meaning not playing the game and objectives. Also if the lag is bad, like Im Luke, Vader hits me one time and all my health is gone. Same with MW, I leave if the team is just bad
    Emotion yet Peace, Ignorance yet Knowledge, Passion yet Serenity, Chaos yet Harmony, Death yet the Force
  • The number one reason for rage quitting is all the tryhard and objective players on the larger modes quitting because they don't like being with randoms. Often on PC, they'll blame the team for the loss and quit. I myself, don't like being with randoms but I don't quit mid-game because we're losing. HvV absolutely sucks though when you first die cause then your team is screwed. You spawn a million miles away whilst your team are being destroyed.
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