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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

Dice Buff Blaster Heroes

All around all blaster heroes should be able to hit characters slightly farther away.....i mean i can hit people with the heavy blasters from the opposite side of the map, but I can't do the same with Lando or Han's blaster. Generally just need a hero blaster distance increase for damage.

  • Remove movement reduction on rapid fire....han should move around normally with the ability
  • Han should be able to activate Rapid fire faster
  • Shoulder charge needs a bigger hit box, so that players around han get knocked over more often and get minor damage if he side swipes them.
  • Shoulder charge needs to be more consistent about knocking people to off their feet when they are hit dead center on the front or back. The back should just do more damage than the front.

  • Smoke cloud needs to be bigger, thicker, and have more of the functions that BX droid smoke has in the base state without star cards. When lando has smoke star cards the smoke should last like 2-5 minutes and be huge that it could fill up most of the room in Phase 4 of the Endor on GA. This would mean that most people can't see on either side, unless they are using heat scopes. This would also make the heat scopes on guns more of a tactical option to actually use.
  • Also smoke should activate faster like BX smoke does
  • Slight buff to stun to bring it half between what it use to be and what it is now.
  • Get rid of Stun Immunity

  • Flash grenade still needs an update to make it more like officer flash grenade where it decreased movement and took away user names.
  • Flash grenade should prevent sith lords from using special Kylo Frenzy & Phasma Staff Strikes.
  • Leia needs a fourth ability to help her in HvV or an ability swap in HvV to replace the shield

  • Finn needs to be allowed to swap between the blaster rifle and blaster pistol at the press of a button, without an ability. Maybe this is a fourth ability. Both guns can be helpful.
  • The pistol needs to fire faster.
  • Undercover boss needs to be replaced with a new's pointless (except for the pistol) in both GA & HvV! Suggestion would be powerful proximity mines like Nein Nunb From SWBF 2015.
  • Maybe allow finn to move around normally with big deal activated.

  • Bowcaster damage increase if spread fire is "focused"
  • Automatic damage reduction when doing ground slam
  • Slight buff to stun to bring it half between what it use to be and what it is now.
  • Get rid of Stun Immunity
  • It would be cool if you could give chewy a fourth ability that was another melee attack, which would jump towards near-by standard troopers and pick them up to throw them and knock other troopers down killing them. This would give chewy more options for melee attack to get health back. The ability would turn into a Choke-throw on villains if they were with in range.

  • Ever so slight damage buff to blaster fire, needed for GA more than anything.
  • Get rid of Stun immunity

  • Buff Damage to Pulse cannon & fix rapid fire ability because it's buggy. May have to limit max shoots again.

  • Allow bossk to rapid fire relby when not scoped in and when scoped in let him charge the shot up to sniper fire the weapon still.


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