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Stamina System For infantry jumping

It is really annoying having one-on-one fights with infantry when all you do is jump to avoid headshots, and slowing a person down after a jump isn't helping and incredibly rage inducing when you've had the first shot, the first 2 headshots and lost out to a jetpacking pistol because he was spamming the jump key, no real skill with that, just add a small stamina system that makes it after the 2 first jumps, you need to wait 2 seconds before another.


  • It's not just jumping. The fact that it's possible to get hit, turn on a dime, and then SPRINT at full speed behind cover that's many feet away is absurd.

    We have rolls for sudden evasion needs. Soldiers should not be constantly sprinting everywhere.

    There's even a system already in place to decide when a player is in or out of combat: the system that decides whether you can spawn on a squadmate or not.

    It just needs to be applied to disable sprinting in combat. And a stamina system for jumps would also help.

    Basically, the goal should be to reduce the absolutely ridiculous amounts of acrobatics performed in a game that otherwise mimics the movies/shows so well, e.g. on Naboo you actually have the same pillars in Theed that you see in the movies, and you actually have opposing soldiers using them as cover just like in Phantom Menace, but then you get to Endor or Geonosis Capital Supremacy, and suddenly troopers scaling and jumping around ridiculous terrain, getting one shot off followed by dropping off a cliff, etc. -- the devs need to decide whether they want an immersive shooter or a hyperactive arcade shootemup.
  • Maybe the roll count can also include a jump count.

    So with a count of 2, can either do 2 rolls, 2 jumps or 1 roll + 1 jump before recharging.

    May the Force be with you.
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