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Easy to add maps for Arcade and Blast

It’s simple Dice we want more maps

I would love to see more maps added to Arcade (and blast for those online players out there. I know there are very few though). Galactic Assault has several phases for each map which can be cut up into smaller maps for Blast, Strike, Heroes and villains, and arcade. Some of these phases have already been added to Strike and Heroes and Villains but haven’t been added to Arcade and Blast?
1.) Phase two on Mos Eisley looks super fun with being a close quarters combat with houses to climb on for snipers and people who like to ambush. I think this would be a great addition to arcade and that it would be a blast (no pun intended), being that the existing one being my favorite map to play arcade on. This would be fairly easy for the Dice team to add is that it was already added in the jet pack cargo and all they have to do is add some borders.
2.) Crait hanger question being why not, it's big enough, has plenty of covers so why not just add the thing; also, the tunnels look fun that is in the first phase though I don’t think the AI would do good on it.
3.) Death star phase two and three they would be great for close-quarters combat. Phase two is already in Heroes and Villains so just copy and paste. If you’re saying, we don’t need three small scale death star maps. Well, you’re not talking on my part, the maps get kind of dull when you play them over and over and over again, I’ll just be happy for a couple of new maps.
4.) Yavin 4 the first phase would be a much better improvement than the one arcade currently has right now (which is one of my least favorite maps in Arcade). Once again It has places for each class. Right now, it’s just being wasted only being available for Strike and Galactic Assault.
5.) Endor the last phase would be fun to play on and is more long-range outside the building so more of whose team has the better sniper. Still, I really want to see this map added to the offline game mode (pretty sure it’s in blast and strike). Also, maybe the Ewok hunt map just brighter and a way to get to the Ewok village. The darkness might lead to some intense fights though I think it will just frustrate players into say “Where the hell did, he come from.”
6.) Hoth first phase would be like trench warfare which I personally would love to see. But the Heroes and villain’s version would be the best option for blast and arcade.
7.) Naboo the first phase would be great, but I think the version from the campaign would be the best option for the game modes I am talking about.
8.) Kashyyyk phase one two and three though one would be like a long-range fighting map. I doubt phase two would be added but phase three would be fun though the Capital Supremacy ships play styles would be almost like playing the same map.
9.) Genesis, not much is to be said but maybe phase 3 from the regular map. But the Capital Supremacy has some protentional just the ground alone can probably be broken into two smaller maps and the ships above maybe be broken into two different maps I’m not sure because I haven’t seen too much gameplay let alone play it.
10.) Kamino phases one and two one being a Naboo throne room kind of gameplay and phase two being the strike map.

Let me know in the comments below which maps for Blast/Arcade you would like to see or tell me if I missed your favorite map.


  • brienj
    679 posts Member
    I think all maps should be added to Arcade for sure. It would be nice to be able to explore each map that is used in other modes.
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