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New Hero: "Clone Commander"

"Clone Commander"
The "Clone Commander" could have in his default skin a white plain skin with like a karma and a pauldron, he could bear the same weapon as the default heavy classes.
The Keypoint is that this Hero could have skins off the the famous clone captains and commanders, such as:
Rex, Cody, Wolffe, Gree, Thorn, Fox etc, but also clones like Kix, Waxxer, Fives...
That way the player could control their favorite clone frim the tv series and it still cannot be that there are 2 Codys or Rexs at same time in one battlefield.

Would be nice to get some Feedback!


  • Sounds like a combo of an ARC trooper or simply a clone officer...sorry m8 but not rlly needed.
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