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New requests for luke skywalker

For luke skywalker please add the old luke skywalker outfit from the last jedi and please try to get his voice with the new look. If you do make the old luke skywalker Appearance from the last jedi make it very expensive to get and i have some ideas about the old Luke skywalker emotes and abilities:

Emotes: 1 I failed you ben im sorry
2 See you around kid
3 I will not be the last jedi
4 The rebellion is reborn today
5 strike me down in anger and ill always be with you

Abilities: 1 Play as old luke as a hologram for 20 or 15 seconds
2 and add all the other abilities already made for luke skywalker

If you do make the old luke skywalker appearance from the last jedi there are a huge amount of star wars fans who will appreciate it and i am one of those fans i am waiting until November 15th to buy the STAR WARS Jedi:Fallen Order Deluxe edition i will wait for it to come out a 0:00am and spend R1 099,00 instantly and any other packs you are selling i am saving up for it Please consider putting this request in your game it will make me and all the other star wars fans happy


  • Yes and aged appearances for Solo, Lando, Leia, Kenobi, Maul too!
    More voice lines would be a fine addition to the collection...
    There's so much easy-to-make skins/content that hasn't been done and just one 'aged look skins drop' would greatly interest the Battlefront community!

    May the Force be with you.
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