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August Community Calendar
Community Transmission

Layout of potential content Drops

'Mandalorian Season'
- 2 New Heroes
- New Maps

"Rise of the Skywalker Season'
- Pou and Hux
- New Maps
- New Skins (Rey, Finn, Kylo, old Han, Leia, Luke)
- New Reinforcement
- Large scale offline mode revealed

"Bounty Hunter Season'
-New Heroes (Dengar, Greedo, 4-Lom, IG-88,
-Reinstate Hutt Contracts for unique weapons
- New Hunt (Tuskan Raiders)

"Rogue One Season'
-Krennick and jyn Erso
- Scarif and Jedha maps

"Clone Wars Season'
-Ashoka and Asajj
- New Maps (Utapau, Mustafar, Utah Gunga, Felucia, Mygeeto)
- New Hero Skins

"Clone Wars Season 2'
-Mace Windu and Jango Fett'
-New Hero Showdown map Geonisis Arena
- New enforcer (Geonision and Gungan)
- New starfighter Map (Geonosis Rings)

Corucant Season
- Padme and Zam Wessel
- New Maps (Senate, Jedi temple, Underworld'
- New Starfighter Map (Corucant Airways)
- New Starfighters (Anakins Speeder and Zam's ship)

'Originals Strike Back Season'
-Port over Battlefront 2015 maps
- Bring back Walker assault and survival mode
- port rebel customizations
- New Species
- New Hunt (Wampa)
- New Hero skins (Bespin luke, Leia and Han)
- New map Dagobah
- Make Hunts PvE with AI
- New Starfighter map (asteroid belt)

"Galactic Civil War Season'
Capital supremecy for original trilogy (New ship interiors)
New map Polis Massa

"Sequal Trilogy Season'
-Capital supremecy for Sequal trilogy (New ship interiors)
- New map (Canto Bight and achc-to)

"PvE update'
• Private Games with Online coop
- Arcade Rework (ability to choose era, time of day and weather)
- Hero Showdown PvE against AI
- New game modes (capture the flag, Bounty Hunts etc)

If all these happened i think this game would be popular for years too come, appeal to PvP and PvE players and would attract more people.


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