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Geonosis Bug (no pun)

I tried reporting the bug but it won't seem to submit it.
Anyways, in Geonosis where the villains start, behind and above them is a hole in the map wall that allows Fett to glitch through and perch on a ledge within map boundaries. There's a couple sets of triangular graphics, one big and low three other three are high up. The middle one in the high set, you can fly through and wait out being the target. You can't shoot him, or even come close with a hero. I'm not talking about just being high up on a ledge...I mean you pass through the wall and thus the wall blocks everything. I managed to recreate it 100% of the time in arcade to obtain screen shots.
Please address this asap cause im sure now with this topic... it's going to be exploited.
Sorry players...I tried the report bug section to no avail...b2teasvbfwbf.jpg


  • I should add, I discovered this watching a player do it twice in HvV to avoid getting killed as the target. I don't remember the player name.
  • Agreed, I hate it when people do this. It's also an issue on Death Star 2
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