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General improvements HvV

1. Jedi and Siths must have blockade while jumping (in the air)
3.Correct the blocking faults (several times despite pressing the lock button and having resistance the heroes are not covered). Please fix that problem as it is important
4. Enable the blockade when the heroes are knocked down by some power of force (push, pull, etc) and are on the ground.
5. Enable the choice of 4th improvement letter because only being able to use 3 is very little. It is something simple to update and would give more balance to several heroes, villains and other characters.


  • No they just need to correct the lightsaber combat system to be more similar to what it use to be, as this new system is GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!!
    • There needs to be a "window of opportunity" what stuns used to do when perfectly blocking attacking heroes..... so you can attack a button mashing enemy without losing health. Essentially this is like a parry system, so that you can strike an enemy without taking damage.
    • Right now the lightsaber combat sucks and just makes it easier for incompetent players to run around button mashing the enemy until the player being attacked is dead.
    • Also most vader players just keep side stepping and regening stamina because the lunge lock also doesn't work well anymore either to close the distance, so I constantly see fellow players missing vader and vader just keeps blocking and dodging the entire game. The constant vader block-dodging has become so annoying now.....vader everyone uses this stupid tactic now and it has become far worse than any stun ever was.
    • Then you also have to be right on top of the enemy button mashing them to ensure that your strikes hit them, so they don't dodge out of the way and miss constantly.

    DICE flat out screwed up the game and turned it into a pile of garbage with both Anakin and the garbage lightsaber combat update. Dice said they changed the system to "prevent" people from blocking all day long. Well all this update has done is the complete opposite of that. Now you just get people that block and dodge all day long & people that button mash attack all day suck at your job DICE!

    Fix the lightsaber combat and buff the blaster heroes and that's how they improve HvV.
  • Interesting opinion.some of this improvements are necessary right now!!
  • i agree the light saber combat sucks now. i also take issue with the reach the light sabers seem to have now. there is no reason i one should he killed with a saber swing from 10/15 feet away. and example of this is the light saber users killing an aerial after i repeat AFTER i've jet packed away from them and have put a fair amount of distance between us. i'm excellent at dodging light sabers with rolls but then with my aerial i use my card to get away and still get killed with one hit after i've already started my flight. this is extremely annoying an needs to be fixed asap DICE.
  • willywonka7
    1556 posts Member
    edited April 26
    After the kashyyk CS update here are the issues with HvV:
    1. Yoda's stamina for blocking lightsaber attacks is too high.
    2. Yoda needs a faster standard attack animation
    3. Obiwan's attack damage or speed or something feels too low still.
    4. Dooku desperately needs a lunge lock or a faster standard attack animation
    5. They need to institute some sort of "perfect parry" system to allow for counter moves on both the attacking and blocking side.....certain characters can block and evade for too long and continue the cycle.
    6. They need to create one special ability on 1-2 characters that can get through specific peoples blocks. Example luke force repulse should get through vader block & obiwan defensive rush......but nothing else. Then maul's spin attack & emperor ground stun should get through obiwan's block. Things like this. basically only a few very specific special abilities should do damage through a block. Right now you have to either gang up on one person to break through their block quickly before they dodge away or you have to capable people to use blaster heroes to get them.
    7. They need to also buff all blaster heroes......period!
    8. last they need to address spam attacks getting through particular characters blocks even though they still have stamina left to block.

    Blaster hero buffs
    • Han needs to move normally when using rapid fire
    • Han rapid fire should activate faster
    • Han and Lando's blaster bolts/shots should hit targets farther away
    • Lando needs an ever so small buff to stun or an ever so small buff to blaster damage
    • Lando's smoke should last longer without a star card and the star card to increase duration and size/thickness should make the smoke cloud super large and thick.
    • Leia needs a new ability to replace shield for HvV
    • Leia flash make villains move slower and also prevent affected enemies from using certain abilities that require lock on like kylo Frenzy, Grievous Thrust surge and phasma staff strikes.
    • Finn needs to move normally when his big deal ability is activated.
    • Finn should be allowed to swap between pistol and rifle at the press of a button like a fourth ability. This would mean that undercover boss would become something else because that ability is almost useless in every game mode. Yeah it can help a little in GA, but it's the worst.....right after leia's shield.
    • Iden's pulse cannon needs to do slightly more damage from head shots
    • Iden droid seems to be having troubles....or the duration is so small now that it seems like it doesn't stun the enemy at all. Something needs to be done about this.
    • Bossk needs to be able to rapid fire his relby when not scoped in
    • Boba fett needs improvements to his concussion missile and a scope for his rifle.

    Me when i'm playing as a blaster hero in HvV and leia places a shield right on top of me......
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