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The Mandalorian and Jedi fallen order, better then the new trilogy.

so i've see the trailers for both the Mandalorian and Jedi fallen order. And i believe that these two will be better then the abomination that is the new trilogy. The mandalorian has a original story that i'm really interested to see. unlike the new trilogy were they reused story plots and scenes and there's nothing original about them. and with the jedi fallen order it looks fantastic. love the time era of order 66, because theres so much that the can work with in that time span from episode 3 to episode 4.


  • Oh hell no... Fallen order looks very very very average.

    The mandalorian...hmmmm . Jury's out for me. I'm wait and see.

    Loved TFA, angry at but respect most of TLJ (although the writing and plot lines were poorly written)

    So pumped for Rise of Skywalker.

    So sorry. Don't agree here.
  • This is bait. But before it gets banned i will give my opinion. More hype for episode 9 than anything.
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