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Force Users Only Mode

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edited April 17
Having added characters since launch, I think is about time to create a mode that bars shooters completely. I'm also optimistic that eventually we'll see a couple/few more force users to come.
I propose a blast style match with a timer be created. First team of 4 (or more eventually if enough force characters are created) to reach 50 kills or highest after 10 minutes wins.
I know there are concerns, like if it'll be boring, teamworking, etc...however, my experience in HvV has seen a lot of players just running around trying to get as many kills as they can completely disregarding any tactics or teamwork. Not to mention how fun it is to be the target and your team is operation lone wolf...I feel this mode would actually encourage teamwork as your team would likely be after scrap kills quite often.
The current numbers of force users might be restrictive if only allowed 1 of per team, but I don't think I want to see 4 Anakins right now... There's 6 villain force users and 5 heros. Mace could even that out. For now maybe a 3v3 match? I dunno... but I do hate being shot from the air, stupid droid shockers, det charges, wookie slams, etc... not that they're bad too have. It's just my personal preference to not have them.
I don't see this happening in the near future... but would it be nice? Or no?

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