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Private Matches, Map Playlists, & TX-130 Saber Class Fighter Tank for the Clone Army.

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edited April 18
Have been playing this game since launch, and i'm absolutely enjoying Capital Supremacy currently. I even recently got a friend of mine to play this game and he's enjoying the experience as well. However there are some things i feel that can even further the experience more. So here are some ideas i would like suggest to Dennis Brannvall, and the development team currently working on Star Wars Battlefront II:

Online Arcade-
One of things my friend was disappointed with was the fact that we cannot setup private matches to play against on another. Might i suggest there would be a feature that enables private matches to play against friends. Basically an online version of Custom Arcade but with up to 4 players; that players can invite their friends to (1v1, or 2v2 matches with or without bots).

Map Playlists-
This is a personal one i would like to see return in this game; as it was a featured much later in the first Star Wars Battlefront game from 2015. Specifically for the bigger modes such as Galactic Assault, Starfighter Assault, etc. (as of current it would not be possible for Capital Supremacy since there is only one map). As sometimes i want to play on a specific map like Geonosis (Those AT-TE Walkers!!!), and don't want to go through a cycle of other maps just to get to the map i want to play on.

TX-130 Saber Class Fighter Tank for the Republic-
This one goes without saying. An additional ground vehicle for the Clone Army would be welcoming. Given that the Separatists Droid Army have the AAT as their main battle tank, the inclusion of of TX-130 would even the odds.
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