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Please Remove AI From Capital Supremacy



  • The majority of this forum really out here asking for free kills. Dang
    My name is Bob

  • SSJSnoop
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    Yea, it's pretty sad.

    Like I don't get it, if you want to play offline against bots you can and if you want to play online against real people you can. Why do we have to mix them?

    You don't see people asking for real players in offline battles so you shouldn't be asking bots in online battles.

    I keep my single player and my multiplayer separate.
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  • Darth_Vapor3
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    edited April 2019
    I like the AI, for aesthetic and immersion reasons. Sure, they’re not as good as real players but they do behave like traditional infantry. They PTO, provide reasonably intelligent suppressive fire, and add a layer of Star Wars immersive realism. They also provide distraction for real players to manipulate both offensively and defensively.

    That being said...
    Batman20 wrote: »
    Batman20 wrote: »
    Batman20 wrote: »
    Keep them as its a easy way to get some kills to get heroes faster

    If anything, that's a good reason not to keep AI. They shouldn't be farmed for easy BP.

    There is also alot of people who might play this mode who suck and can't do as well as the top players who don't struggle to get kills, so having AI helps them get kills and BP

    Why should we hold people's hand in a game that's already too easy? If I faced nothing but the AI, my KD would be so high that it would crash the servers. If the AI were the only opponents on Strike, I would manipulate things and go for an average of 1,000 kills per match.

    AI might suck but its still nice having them there so the teams feel bigger. If dice aren't willing to use real players to make the teams bigger then I'm happy having the AI stay

    The only way AI should stay in PvP is if their skill level is significantly increased
    I’d be fine with this too.

  • The AI is absolutely the worst. There was an AI manning a turret in Ajan Kloss and it was shooting at me through trees and about 150m out. You can't even take C objective as the First Order because all the Republic AI sit on top of the ridge, under the Republic Cruiser and constantly just respawns.
  • Yessss remove AI from Supremacy. They can stay in Co-op.
  • Keep the AI they act as a secondary sensor against sneaky players and in some cases they are better than most players.
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