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Unable to Claim May 4th Reward

Anyone else unable to claim the May 4th reward crate? I logged in and never had the crate pop up as available. Is this a bug or am I just left hanging in the wind here? Should this go in the bug/glitch section?


  • Lemushki
    30 posts Member
    Did it happen at the time of posting? The crate was available until the 6th, but will become available again in the future
  • I tried to collect the chest on the 5th and the 6th with no luck. I saw the time difference but I should have been able to get it.
  • I have the same problem. I play through out the event, collecting points in Capital Supremacy and never got a chest. I don't ever play as Leia but its leaving a bitter taste about EA
  • We had to collect it before the 6th? Lol wth I was on it on the 6th, never saw the chest. If you participated in the event you still had to open it before the 6th? Typical EA
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