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Anyone else experiencing stick drift issues?

2249 posts Member
I thought I was alone on this issue but apparently 1000s of others just showed they all have been affected by this issue and have been reporting it on reddit without a response for DICE/EA

This happens a lot on Xbox where you can just be charging in and running straight forward and all of a sudden you get your aimer yanked to the side and completely thrown off. Players were told to buy new controllers, saying the sticks were bad, and even then it still happened. Someone posted game footage of it happening and it has cost me so many times, especially in HvV, which is why I avoid those modes because 1 oopsie and I die.


  • Bandicoot
    956 posts Member
    Happens when the servers lag, which is a good 50% of matches on xbox. It is really annoying, makes you lose gunfights you shouldn't.
  • Sgt_Fergus
    2249 posts Member
    Bandicoot wrote: »
    Happens when the servers lag, which is a good 50% of matches on xbox. It is really annoying, makes you lose gunfights you shouldn't.

    Anakin, super OP, lose with him because of stuff like this. also for some reason on battlefront, but no other game, my low battery sign doesn't show so I got wreckt when my controller died and no prior notice i was low on power lol
  • Maliainu
    1107 posts Member
    I’m sorry, but I lol’d watching the brief moment of pause by the player every time it happened.

    “wait... wasn’t I just...??”
    *turns around*
  • I have experienced it in Arcade!
  • I’ve experienced it. Used to be rare, but with every update I feel like it’s getting much worse. Extremely annoying. Plus it’s worst in Capital Supremacy. Speaking from my own experience.
  • hardvibes
    28 posts Member
    Yes!! I thought it was my controller, but then I checked the Game Controller Tester app on Xbox and it shows no issues whatsoever with my analog stick.

  • I started getting it in battlefront 2, but then I noticed that it was happening in Black Ops 4. I think for me it was just a coincidence and I'm going to have to take my controller apart and see if I can do a little cleaning.
  • I decided to revisit the game this holiday season, it is Nov, 2019 and the drifting has never been worse, it is literally unplayable.
    Is there a fix?
    my controllers are fine, they dont do this in any other game and one is brand new.
    But playing any mode including story mode, my player is always trying to walk to the right, cant properly aim or use items, etc.. it is super frustrating.
  • I had it happen on my PS4 last night during a match. I thought the controller needed to be recharged but it was still nearly full.
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