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Did they fix saber spam?

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edited May 9
You tell me.

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  • OcDoc
    1488 posts Member
    Well, technically Dooku ran out of stamina and it stopped his spam. So I don’t think it is the system that is the problem. I just think there is too much stamina all around.

    Kylo’s attack in particular stamina probably needs to be walked back. I can’t remember all the stats but I think I recall Kylo having the most attack stamina in the game by a good bit. He gets like 14 swings or something to that effect and if you lump that in with frenzy it is just a whole lot of swinging. That is too much when everyone else is at around 10 or less.

    After adjusting Kylo, I would support a 25% reduction in all stamina stats for a while and see how far that goes toward chilling things out a little. Might need even more.
  • Zepheon
    232 posts Member
    A friend of mine recommended something that essentially drains more stamina the more you continuously swing, and I think that would be a good fix overall. Also, it took far too long for him to run out of stamina in this clip. Before, I would block, attack during the stagger and block again, and people were du.mb enough to do this up to 6-7 times in a row, taking all their health away and leaving me at max. That system was 100% better than the system in place now, because now there’s no way to punish spamming id!ots other than hoping they run out first. This among many other things is why the skill cap has continuously been lowered. They’ve made it so easy to be an id!ot on this game.
  • willywonka7
    1496 posts Member
    Rey and vader are een higher.....all you have to do is activate their special abilities and they can swing all day long still.

    Then dodge and regain the stamina and do it again.
  • Jedi_Kat
    10 posts Member
    I like the idea of more stamina drains the more you consistently swing.

    Just a thought but maybe adding the Stagger back in for when you do a 4 plus attack chain and all of the swings are blocked.
  • Phan816tom
    58 posts Member
    edited May 14
    I think blocking and swinging should both drain stamina. The entire video is ridiculous. Both sides.
  • Where's the spam? He stopped after several hits to Regen stamina.
  • hosco33
    209 posts Member
    If there were no cheaters with switches, special controllers, or whatever I'm not familiar with; blocking could rely on timely button-press, rather than on simply holding it untill stamina consumes.

    Successfully blocking opponents' strikes could slow their attacking capabilities progressively/temporarily, so it discourages spamming buttons to attack.

    The same could happen when blocking an enemy who is not attacking, further blocks would slightly but progressively get slower, preventing block spamming.
  • The worst is when you have just defeated an enemy, using up all of your abilities, losing health, and stamina only to run into another character because they can just swing spam away.
  • aaa5f
    80 posts Member
    Just change it to infinite attack and block, staggering enabled and no stamina system.
  • aaa5f
    80 posts Member
    Just change it to infinite attack and block, staggering enabled and no stamina system.
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