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Why isnt there a 1v1 mode



  • Appl3corps wrote: »
    There is this idea that 1v1 is a test of "skill". I don't agree with that in this game. These are characters designed around a large scale team based battle experience, not a Street Fighter-esque fighting game. Unless you have players having the same characters fighting each other (Vader vs. Vader, etc) I don't see how you could call it skill based.

    This is 100% what I was thinking. Yes, there is skill involved within the boundaries of this game's mechanics, but it is by no means a "skill based" combat system. It's Whack a Mole with glowsticks. We don't even have light and heavy attacks, FFS.

    That said, I would welcome a 1v1 mode, but by no means would I expect it to be fair. It would be like the tacked on Vs mode in the old Double Dragon 8bit games. Totally flawed, but still fun.
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  • You can speculate all you want about who's good or bad but all we want is the option to see for ourselves.

  • Bump.
  • This game should have 1v1 online like yesterday, like since launch, like it shouldn't be something we're asking for it should be like ",Oh yeah of course you can do duels online in Battlefront 2. You can do Obi Wan vs Maul now or Luke vs Vader and Rey vs Kylo like in the trailers. Duh, they wouldn't leave out an obvious mode like 1v1."

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