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No Match for a Good Blaster

How to Fix Phasma in 2 steps without totally revamping her.

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edited May 15
Phase 1

1) Modify Survivor to have a higher damage reduction value. Right now it is 50%, so try 75%. Make sure it lasts at least ~5 seconds or until added health runs out, which ever lasts longer. Modify the visual affect to make her whole health bar turn yellow.

2) We hate her in HvV when she is in a camp fest with a good group. Put a 1 minute self destruct timer on her droid. When it blows, apply a damage buff to all her attacks for X amount of seconds. She could also self destruct her droid to get this buff on demand.

Phase 2

Other options could give her some flair if they do not make her OP: change a card to grant a small amount of health when she lands a staff hit or give her more health upon hero kill to reward players to be more aggressive. Change another card to raise her base health up to 100 or so.

I believe these changes are easy reworks which will help the devs move along in their other projects and give some more attention to Phasma.


  • DXlolman
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    edited May 15
    Ok for starters you got to explain why to fix her.
    Is it a problem as a user or a problem as a hero?
    but both leads to the same out come ... Git Gud.

    Also your first suggestion literally means double health mode which would be more effective than yoda & Finn’s ability to buff combined(which they can’t anymore).

    Second one won’t get rid of the camping she’ll still have her droid back in less than 15 seconds.

    Last one already exists ... “Beat Down” Star card and she can regen health quickly anyway.
    What does DX in my name stand for?
  • Ahe will recieve a blaster damage buff. So Its Ok.
  • Buff her staff range or damage. Otherwise. Meh
  • Ty to those keeping feedback constructive. I guess we only really have seen plasma shine in the movies in Close Quarters combat so maybe that’s where she needs to shine in game?
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