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No Match for a Good Blaster

Started a new topic in other.

Check it out add to it.

What it is, is a place to take some off your favorite battlefront skins and give them a back story. No it's not cannon but to have a bit more immersion to our battlefront games.

It works like this...

Say you put up an image and give a name and back story to a rebel trooper. Right. So I read it and know what that trooper looks like. A few days later I was killed by or fought with a trooper that looks like the one you posted. Well now I can say HEY I know that trooper it's so and so.

I think it will make our battlefront a little more fun and immersive.

What do you people think? Check it out add something!

I'm just trying to do something a little more positive on the forums to keep us a little closer as a battlefront family. And like all families we fight but love each other and of course battlefront and star wars.
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