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Why still there isn't roadmap? Give your opinion

IMHO there isn't roadmap because EA/DICE have throw in the towel with this game without doubt.

They don't want promise to the fans new contents because they don't want we know the quantity. They will launch only some poor contents and there will fanatics that make hype and defent them because these are free contents.

Free DLCs have been a fraud. Confirmed!


- EA launched a beta game
- After more 1 year the game still has bugs and lag problems.
- After more 1 year the quantity of new contents is ridicolous.
- Only 2 new maps: Geonosis (big) & Kessel (small)

Similar it's happening with Battlefield V and Anthem.

EA, reduce the costs and do happy fans are incompatible.



  • Cadoth
    1137 posts Member
    edited May 17
    My guess is that they’re going to give us a new roadmap at the EA play or around that date
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  • jordi1337
    1397 posts Member
    its highly like that theyll anounce new stuff at e3 and advertise there new content like obi and ani for the big mass so that more people will come back. would do the same, because posting a roadmap on twitter wouldnt get as much attention as the most awaited "game revealing show"
  • Versatti
    2128 posts Member
    edited May 17
    Previous road map was sparse, the next one will be too as the original caused ill feeling due to CS delays.
  • bfloo
    15720 posts Member
    With how well the road maps have gone over in the past for this game who would be in a rush to release a new one?
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  • It's pretty obvious that they will announce things at EA Play. The announcements would have 0 impact or hype from the community if they were on a roadmap right now.
  • il96
    575 posts Member
    I love the game... I 90% roll GA, I try a different heroes every map, currently trying my hardest to make Chewy relevant. Hes decent in the Death Star and vs DS heroes, but man Troopers just avoid that Bowcaster likes it firing peas.

    I cant wait to see what they got in store; my hope is moar maps, more guns, moar reinforcements & moar skins.
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