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So, Ideas for the Next SW Shooter?

Personally I think a dark gritty SW shooter would be awesome. SW: Republic Commando II anyone?


  • Star Wars 1313.

    Oh wait...
    Failed to connect to EA Online.
  • Vespervin wrote: »
    Star Wars 1313.

    Oh wait...

    That game was looking a bit special
  • This game isn't even out yet... how can you even start thinking about the next one?
    The greatest moderator that EA has ever had.
  • It's just not the skilled SW shooter I've been waiting a decade for. It's just too casual. This game just doesn't satisfy that part of me and I believe a lot of people feel the same. Looking at the game for what it is I appreciate it. It feels like a Battlefront game (even though I wouldn't call it one because of all the missing elements of the originals) so it should be an easy game to play. It does what it does and it succeeds. For me though, it got stale quickly.
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