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New Hvv should have been a separate game mode

It really wasnt that bad before. Sure you got crap teammates not sticking together, its even worse now. Everybody running around like headless chickens Now, its even worse. I had no idea it was possible.
Hvv was the only mode I truly played. I had a day/weekend off, guess what my happy kiester played. Hvv.
Its now a free for all. No strategy. Its who happens to spawn behind who.
The fun and challenge has been stripped.
Teamwork, gone. Strategy gone.
Give back the old hvv. Separate game mode. Hell dump hero showdown. Nobody plays that or ewok hunt. I dont recall anyone asking for that.
What we really need is more maps.
Extraction needs more maps. I mean they are already in the game.
I mean battlefront 2005 had more modes and maps than what we have now. Even 2015 bf had more.
Make this game great again.
Im sorry, listening to the whiny girl boys and whiners makes the game a less better place.
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  • JediJam
    401 posts Member
    I completely agree with you. It was my favourite mode and I used to play it for hours at a time. The new version is just boring. Okay others might prefer it now but there's clearly plenty of us that would like the target system back so why not give us both.

    After the the last three days of people debating this I am yet to see anyone put forward a valid reason against have both modes available but loads of reasons in favour of having both modes.

    Its a massive shame as it was my favourite mode but now it's been ruined for me.
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