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[Request] Imperial Skin Pack -- I would pay real money for this

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edited May 26

You've been putting your heart and soul into this game and I want to support you further financially, but none of the skins you've released thus far really appeal to me as I'm primarily an imperial player. For about $10 real money, I would like to purchase a pack that includes the following:

Imperial Assault Skins:
1. Mud Trooper
2. Range Trooper
3. Tank Trooper
4. Shore Trooper

Imperial Heavy Skins:
1. Shock Trooper

Imperial Officer Skins:
1. Patrol Stormtrooper (from Solo)

Heck, I might even pay $15 for that, cause it's probably a lot of work for you all to prepare.


P.S. Please add the purge trooper and the dark trooper as imperial reinforcements, but that's not related to this skin pack.


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