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DLC should be free now, please consider.

I think it’s about time the DLC for this game is made free and available to everyone. No one is going to buy it anymore as it’s nearly impossible to find any games on most modes, for example I’ve not played Death Star since about 2017.., so it would be a waste of money. I truly believe the DLC should be made free as it may encourage people to play the game again and will help increase server sizes. It’s a bit of a waste that it’s rare that we can play these modes anymore, especially as they were so good. Please consider this and any response will be greatly appreciated as I would like to play modes like Sabotage again but it is not easy due to empty servers. I think this is a reasonable solution and I hope you read this.


  • Corndog75
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  • It was free
  • Dlc should allow access to walker assault on scariff and bespin offline.
  • d0kRX
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  • If not free, the playlists should at least be consolidated. There should also be an option to search for the best DLC lobby, similar to how you can search for the best 12 player lobby.
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  • Batman20
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    I agre I've made a post about this before would make it much easier to find matches on dlc maps if they made it free
  • Agreed. I would also go as far to add the DLC maps to the current gamemode playlists. I want to play Bespin but I don’t want to have to leave the lobby every time I see Fighter Squadron and risk not finding another lobby after.
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  • jmoyano92
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    Add me if you are european and you play on PC if you want a player to start those damn dlc matches.

    All the game itself should be free because nobody plays it, no server browser on PC = dead multiplayer game. The game is good but has low population and players always leave or unistall the game because you must waste literally HOURS manually searching in different (always empty) lobbies triying to find a single match with people or wasting again HOURS to start a single match waiting for more players. The fact that you need 20 real players waiting in a lobby to start a f****** match and some of them will leave because they don't have patience completely ruined and buried the game)

    So yeah add me if you want to start some forgotten gamemodes.

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  • jmoyano92
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    If you are from Europe and you need a PC player to start some forgotten gamemodes and those damn DLC matches just add me:

    All the game itself should be free at least on PC. Let me explain why:
    This game sold very well and is surprisingly good but is almost dead (low population) because there is no server browser, and no server browser on PC = dead multiplayer game. Why? because the matchmaking system in this game is the worst thing I've ever seen in any multiplayer PC game:
    each gamemode and DLC has its own lobby so you must waste literally HOURS searching between (empty) lobbies trying to figure out where people are. The fact that you need 20 PLAYERS all of them waiting in the same lobby TO START a single f****** match and some of them will leave because they don't have patience completely ruined and buried this game. We don't have chat either to talk between us while we are waiting other players in the lobby, so this wait is suuuper boring and usually people leave because of that.
    This is the reason why this game has a small population on the PC platform. It's painfully slow and frustrating to try to even find or start a match, and this is why Battlefront (2015) should be completely free at least on PC. The game has serious issues finding and starting games, and we need more active players to avoid that.

    I won't buy Battlefront II because I actually paid for a game that I cannot play and because Battlefront II has exactly the same stupid problems too. It will be a dead game for PC sooner rather than later. I know.
  • They need to do something to make accessing the dlc easier if they arent going to do anything else. This game is definitely still worth playing and allowing all the maps to mix in the general gameplay would be great
  • + 1

    All DLCs free!!!

  • The dlc starfighter assault maps have bots programmed. They should be put offline. Anybody second that?
  • Starmasui73146
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    Proof that as of March of this year people were still buying the DLC.
    Did I get robbed? I just bought Star Wars Battlefront 1 and the season pass and can find no players

    As long as EA still has people buying the DLC maps it wont be free, that's just the cold hard truth. It is unfortunate and sad but a bitter reality I'm afraid.
    “There is always hope.”
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