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HvV has become dashing to attack to the back

398 posts Member
I no longer have fun playing HvV. Introduce already the old gamemode. Maybe that is the June surprise.


  • Glad it's not just me. It's so annoying and movie-unlike. It totally removes the stamina change that benefited the game. The stamina changes made you think before acting and you tried to managed your stamina. Now you just dash backwards to regain stamina.

  • Zinjo2017
    567 posts Member
    That is how you sabre duel dude. Learn it or die. Pretty simple.
  • Zinjo2017 wrote: »
    That is how you sabre duel dude. Learn it or die. Pretty simple.

    I agree, this has always been the case. What is the OP looking for? Walk up to enemy, spam R, win?
  • ViciousSithLord
    11 posts Member
    edited June 6
    I for 1 love the new Hvv! But if EA is going to make everyone happy go ahead and bring back the target system in a separate mode, call it Hero Hunt maybe? I'd love to see 2 additional modes where 1 is nothing but Sabre heroes/villains and 1 where it's nothing but hero/villian blasters.If they had to ditch 3 modes to make this possible, I would get rid of Ewok hunt, Blast and Strike. Jmo
  • Daijooky
    60 posts Member
    edited June 6
    May as well call this mode Leroy Jenkins mode. No real thought process needes other than rawr kill. No need to have to protect a target now everyone's the target. About the only good to come out this is no more runners. Player tries that and everyone just goes after those not running. Either way, yes, they should bring back the target system (never should have removed it but...), this way those of us that didn't mind it can play that versus this new mode.
    Now if they would only do something about all those quitters/afkers.
    "I am one with the Force and the Force is with me. I am one with the Force, and the Force is with me, aaaand now I have a lightsaber!"
  • OcDoc
    1782 posts Member
    While in large part I agree, it is a little oversimplified.

    Other factors involved in saber combat include: stamina management, force ability usage and timing, saber strike timing, map awareness, knockdown, dashing through blocks.

    While getting behind the opponent is a major fundamental, it is indeed more than that.
    1596 posts Member
    He means is that people are dodging behind you while you block
    For the Greater Good

  • The problem in HvV is that Rey and Obi wan mind tricks are unable to be blocked so this creates a OP duo
  • Cane_danko
    1247 posts Member
    It used to be block, wait for them to hit, then counter, which was a clunky and cheesy way to saber fight. Now you can have some strategic fights so it is going in the right direction.
  • TMF
    159 posts Member
    edited June 17
    Okay it is one thing to [Removed - CM] with HvV and I could get used to this new mode but my main problems are Yodas now. yes he's a grandmaster I do get it but with yodas its a constant uphill battle, block, dash through block, block, health, dash through block, block, dodge around some while waiting for stamina to recharge because a vader unleashed all his stamina into you and then repeat. This was a showdown match 1v1 for me and this is how any short 1v1 in HvV goes for me two regardless of who I am playing. I just don't like the style of play this encourages
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  • Good lord...why does this place have so many people always complaining about every single tactic another person uses to not get killed? Seems people will only not cry if they had ai opponents that stood directly in their line of sight at all times and all fought with the exact same predictable style
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