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We need blocking animations

This would add a much more cinematic and immersive feel to combat, and would make blocking feel less awkward.


  • bfloo
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    We need a For Honor ls combat game <3
    The Knights of Gareth are Eternal

    Pirate of the Knights of Gareth


  • Bump, because this is what saber combat really needs to feel authentic and smooth.
  • That would be a huge undertaking for DICE and would likely take forever to complete but I would love this

    Every character would need to respond accordingly to every enemy character's attack sequences

    And now he felt her, really felt her in the Force; He felt a bond, deeper and more intimate than he’d ever had before; and for a precious eternal instant he was her. . . 

    he was the beat of her heart and he was the motion of her lips. He was her soft words as though she spoke a prayer to the stars— I love you, Anakin. In life, and in death, we will always be one. I am yours

  • i know this is off topic but i loved the For Honor star wars event on may 4th it felt like actual star wars.
  • That looks awesome. However, It is one saber blocking one saber hit for hit. The current mechanic is one saber blocking everything-multiple sabers and a multitude of blaster fire with just random movements.

    Having a saber need to block either a saber or blaster fire, but not both simultaneously would be realistic. Yet, people want advantages not realism.

    I am all for it. Also don't let allied saber users overlap so much. It takes a minimum amount of space to fight with a saber. Letting 4 sabers all beat down on one defending enemy is not remotely realistic.

    Make each saber user take up 90 degrees. Four could attack one if they were spread out evenly. If the defender is against a wall, only two could attack at once.

    If they could pull off a way to add those blocks and attacks in your video would really be awesome.
  • Yes. I made a thread about dodges being more "acrobatic" to make it feel realistic. At least character like Yoda, Maul, Luke or Kylo
  • Would be very cool and a big improvement for the game
  • SQJACKIE wrote: »
    Yes. I made a thread about dodges being more "acrobatic" to make it feel realistic. At least character like Yoda, Maul, Luke or Kylo

    A lot of great ideas here! @F8RGE any plans on something like this in the future?
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