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Campaing starcards bugged?

I ended up playing campaing for longest time. When i tryed to select diffirent starcards from the change boxes, the starcards wont stay selected, they all get unselected. I tryed a restart and other things, ended up asking friend too and his having this proplem too. Any one else having this proplem?


  • I can't figure it out. I was able to change them previously. I don't know if it is based on the mission, or a glitch.
  • Not working. Star cards won’t stay selected.
  • Hello,

    Star cards won’t stay selected in campaign. Was not a problem until recently. You can’t equip them now.
  • Yeah, I just played the campaign too and suffered the same thing. This, I was stuck with that pointless disruptive rifle dealy and kept blowing myself up with the contact detonator. Also Iden’s lack of combat roll was the cause of many a death.
    I always felt that the campaign was a training mode for the online content, to introduce the mechanics of the different characters - but going from the online game to the campaign … it’s such a step down, and you really see it’s limitations.
  • PorchWar
    79 posts Member
    I hadn’t gotten around to playing it, but gave it a try a few weeks ago when the servers were down. Was really enjoying it, but now it’s bugged, of course. Pretty disappointed.
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