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My Pros and Cons Of Capital Supremacy. MY OPINION

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Okay so as we all know it’s what people loved about the original Battle Front 2 from 2005 but the mode itself isn’t perfect. Here are my pros and cons feel free to disagree in the comments or add to it if you like!

Pros - 1st Act
-Infiltrator Republic
-Uses the Familiar Galactic Assault maps with out changing them massively
-Focuses mainly on Troopers not Heros
-The Control Points are easy to access
-Combat is engaging

Cons -
-The Point System takes too long even with 5 Control Points Active
-Turrets serve no purpose and are very underpowered
-Infiltrator CIS
-Enforcer is Underpowered
-Aerial Troopers are too OP

That’s it for act 1, agree / disagree or add to it in the comments

Pros - Act 2
-You actually go on their Ships!
-Very detailed
-Infiltrator Republic / CIS
-Multiple Controllable points
-Generally fun to play on

Cons -
-Defender spawns wayyy to far away from the points
-The Door Control Section
-The attacker can hold the Control point too easily
-Respawn timer is very annoying in this section
-Very confusing layout with doors that are locked and doors that shouldn’t open but they do

Well that’s my list. Feel free to say anything in the Comments but remember. This is my Opinion, not fact.

May the Force be With You, Always
May the Force Be With You, Always.

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