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Forest of Endor

Maps you want added

9 posts Member
I would definitely like to see sullust again


  • Batman20
    2010 posts Member
    Scarif and carbon freezing chamber
  • LexRage
    113 posts Member
    Definitely Scarif
  • Scarif and Sullust must be the most requested maps now right? The most ridiculous thing is that both locations are already in the game, the campaign contains levels on both planets, yet they haven't tried to reuse those assets to make multiplayer maps. Seems like a massive missed opportunity to me.
  • Batman20
    2010 posts Member
    Dagobah would be cool it was in the original battlefront 2 it isnt big enough for the main modes but might work well for HvV
  • Also Bespin is already in the game, they just didn't put it in the multiplayer for some reason. I get that they probably wanted each era to have equal maps for GA, but now we have CS being a clone wars exclusive mode I think it'd be nice to have some new GA maps for the original trilogy and even sequel trilogy eras.
  • Coruscant
    Mon Cala
    Death Star 1
    The Supremacy
  • FabiDepp
    89 posts Member
  • Rax
    35 posts Member
    The Carbon Freezing Chamber.
  • Utapau
  • oogle5
    9 posts Member
    I think ea-DICE need to do more ot stuff
  • KZ_Toxic
    332 posts Member
  • Utapau and Umbara have to be my priorities but I'd be happy with pretty much any other Clone Wars maps
  • a battle over Coruscant will be good, battle of ships of course
  • oogle5
    9 posts Member
    I’m somewhat surprised that they didn’t add the resistance base on the surface of D’qar early on
  • Bring to Mustafar map from revenge of the sith !

    Not rouge one !
  • Even though mustafar would be a nice addition, i am not really sure how it would work in battlefront. I think it would probably only work in the hero modes
  • I would love to see maps from the campaign made available for the multiplayer modes!!
  • Being realistic

    Prequel Trilogy

    --Coruscant (CS on the city and an Order 66 hunt mode in the Jedi Temple)

    --Utapau (GA and CS)

    --Mygeeto (GA and CS)

    --Mustafar (Small game modes)

    Original Trilogy

    --Bespin (GA)

    --Scarif (all game modes except CS)

    Sequel Trilogy

    --Just a map for episode 9 (I personally don't care what they'll do, I'd prefer they just add some skins for rey, kylo and finn and not waste time on that content and instead prioritize more Clone Wars content.
  • Carbon Freezing Chamber
  • vonVile
    364 posts Member
    All the WA maps in its own mode.
  • Coruscant (Jedi temple, Senate and the streets)
    Mustafar (Extraction and small modes)
    Cato Neimoidia

    Tatooine - Jundland Wastes
    Eadu (Extraction and small modes)
    Polish Massa
    Dagobah (Extraction and small modes)

    D'Qar - Resistance base (Extraction and small modes)
    Ahch-To (small modes)

  • -Naboo Plains (with Gungan Army, Kaadu, Faamba Shield...)
    -Otho Gungan
    -Utapau (with Varactyl and Grievous Vehicle)
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