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Hero suggestions: feedback

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1 Darth Maul: slightly bigger hit box for mauls saber throw or just make it be thrown a diagonal or horizontally. Heard this was confirmed thank you five for listening to community and doing that for us.

Darthmaul hooded skin

2 Boba Fett: can he have standard ability with small hit box explosive radius. Where his concussive rocket when it concusses enemies it deals incremental damage like the stinger pistol for a short time. As currently concussive rocket is pretty much useless.

3 standard hero’s and villains: health on kill cards for hero’s and villains like chewie and Phasma it’s so hard to regain health for in GA.need to be passive for heros.

4 palpatine can he get a block? but he cannot re Direct blaster bullets just block them like in battlefront 2015.

5 palpatine: Also if health on kill becomes standard. please keep his lightning absorption Star card it is handy. because in a pinch he can lose a lot of heath to a lightsaber.

6 Hansolo: would love a different ability to knock down hero’s than and deal damage than his charge. Maybe a concussive grenade.

7 Phasma: A damage buff for her gun it is still on the really weak side unless you are right next to them and then she is vulnerable to lightsabers.
It would be cool if Phasma could block lightsabers with her staff. But only a few blocks before it has to charge.

Can we get these hero’s for clone wars. I know mace windu isn’t a priority but I personally think these others might be fun as well. Instead of another jet pack hero Jango.

How about these hero’s CAD BANE

CAD BANE: jet boots, dual pistols

Incendiary bombs:
cad bane drops impact grenades that cause stun damage & insendiary Grenades in a 360 degree radius around him. He can drop them on the ground or in the air like a dive bombing mechanic.

Sharp shooter:
His counter part Toto flys around and releases scan pulses while active...
And it’s a lock on ability with no range limit that locks on to a enemy with his pistol. New mechanaic damage of shot increases the further away the enemy is. However, the lock on is quick like Landos upclose and takes longer to lock on the further away someone is. locks on to only one enemy each time you use the ability.
Time limit to use sharp shooter can be extended with starcard by getting kills.

Defensive rush: Cad bane takes 50% less damage from all sources for a temporary amount of time. Time can be extended by kills with a star card.

•Assaj ventress

Assassins fury: pulls a enemy towards her and chockes them in air in front of her. Opposite of darth mauls choke hold. Pulls enemies toward her and then chokes them in the air momentarily

vengeful push: a force push, that also deals deals damage, this force push doesn’t knock you down but for short time enemy’s hit by vengeful push will take extra damage from all attacks

Dual saber finesse: deals 2X damage with lightsabers for short amount of time.

•Aurra sing: bald bounty hunter lady that mentored Boba Fett.
Standard weapon- sniper rifle.
With a shot gun attachment for close range.

Proximity mines:
Places one proximity mine at a time down that explodes when an enemy get close to it. Can have multiple mines on the map at a time. But have to wait for it to recharge as you can only place one at a time.

Thermal detonator:
a upgraded thermal detonator with fast recharge time.

Shocking slam. Slams her heavy rifle on the ground causing stun damage in 360 degree radius and releases electrical shocks,
“like the specialist class standard shock grenade”
but the electrical shocks is in a 360 degree radius and deals more damage.


•Ashoka Tano, weapon lightsaber, secondary boken light saber.

Saber slash: can attack really fast in a forward lunge kind of like Luke’s. dealing normal damage with lightsaber and secondary damage with her smaller boken lightsaber that deals massive accumulative damage like the stinger pistol,

Jedi reflexes: Ashoka gains insight and moves faster and jumps higher then any other force user in the game. During this time, blaster shots reflected are deadly accurate,
This time is a temporary amount of time, might can be extended.

Saber push. Ashoka attacks with a forward facing dual saber slash that deals lightsaber damage, but that also sends a 75 degree force push further out than the slash radius.

•Padmé Amidala, weapon Padmes Naboo pistol

Deadly aim: padme charges up her naboo pistol to deal a massive explosive shot dealing damage to what it hits and the radius around the shots explosion. Aiming is the key this deals damage. Trade off is Instant overheats weapons, and there is a little bit of recoil that may effect the shots accuracy.

Grenade toss:
Volleys micro grenades in the air
“ like the Atst micro grenade volly”

Blind lust: padme is blinded by love and doesn’t think clearly. Clearly something wrong was happening to Anakin.
This blind lust gives her 90 percent damage reduction allows her to get out of a situation, but she deals 90% percent less damage with her pistol while this is activated

•captain Rex, weapon dual pistols.

Dual pistol fury: deals 2x damage with pistols temporarily,

Droid poppers: Rex throws a couple grenades in front of him these grenades explode and send EMPs out
Deals a small amount of damage to enemies.
But massive damage to ships, transports, vehicles and electronics like scan pulses and stationary electronics like blaster turrets

Clone captain: gives allies a morale boost allies and the hero himself gain extra health that will slowly deplete, allies deal more damage to enemies so long as some of the extra health bar remains. While this ability also gives Rex extra health it does not give him the damage boost only his allies.

If you ever are able to get to more hero’s than this I hope you and dice consider “mace windu“ and the night brother savage opress.

•Savage opress, dual blade lightsaber.

Powerful slam. Savage slams his lighsaber in front of him dealing saber damage and releasing a fine tuned hit box force push in front of him.

Savage throw. Savage choke holds some enemies within range limit and a targeting system appears where he can throw the target being chocked at another enemy/enemies further away dealing damage to both.

Saber slash. Savage spins his lightsaber 360 degree radius saber slashes and then sends out a force wave a little further out that breifly knocks some people back a little further away off their feet this doesn’t deal damage but gives savage a chance to get out of the fray if he is being shot at.

•mace windu. Weapon windu’s lightsaber. Secondary attack is force punch’s “clonewars animated series 2000”

Heroic slam:
Windu jumps in the air taking 90 percent damage reduction during the animation and slams to the ground with the force sending out a force push in a 360 degree wave and dealing slam damage to those closer in proximity to the slam.

Vapad: mace windu channels the dark side of the force dealing more damage temporarily and this ability also negates count dookus dark aura and absorbs dark side ability’s that he can send the damage back out in the form of light saber strikes

Force crush: mace windu lunges towards a group of enemies and crush”s there bodies with the force. Killing them or if they survive they are wounded and handicapped until the enemy respawns can’t regain health.
The remaining wound, would only apply to enemy troopers not hero’s. heros will still be able to regain the health lost.
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  • I want nien nunb, greedo and dengar back as heroes, and maybe shriv from the campaign would be cool as well. I certainly agree about adding a hooded skin for maul but I think I would also want Boba Fett’s prototype appearance with the white armour.
  • A new skin for boba would be awesome but I’d want it to be a epic skin. There also was a skin he used during the old animated show. With a different colorization
  • Unfortunately we won’t get dengar and Nien numb. But we good get some of niennumbs ability’s through aurra sing since she would play very similar. Think of cad bane being like a cross between boba and dengar it could be awesome.
  • Obi wan needs to be buffed. He’s way too weak compared to other lightsaber heroes. His Mind Trick skill should at least be comparable to Rey’s
  • Light side needs to be balanced in HVV. The dark side has way stronger heroes and with the Anakin nerf, it figures to only get worse. U can start with an Obi Wan buff
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