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Felucia Transmission
No Match for a Good Blaster

Felucia (yaaaasss) Capital Supremacy Hero's

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I am so greatful to dice for confirming this amazing upcoming content im an avid lover of all eras especially Clone wars. However there seemed to be be a bit of confusion (on my part) but I do hope that we get a counter to the Droideka''s, anyone think it would be the Arc trooper?

Im not dismissing Ahsoka and Ventress but i don't think they pair well as much as Ventress would with Luminara as they faught more times over the clone wars the final time alongside Aayla. Ahsoka i believe would be much more suited against someone like The Seventh sister. ( Sarah michelle Gellar) Made an Excellent character considering how long she lasted in rebels but she did leave the order and was most likely a Fallen Knight known to Palpatine during Order 66.

As it is Felucia, Jedi Master Aayla Secura was in control of the 327th Star Corps on that planet throughout the War and in Episode 3 it is were she gets disgracefully killed without any time to react. (Mother Talzin would be well suited to fight her in my opinion)

I believe we should get at least 14 more actual non generic Clone wars era Hero's and Villans the assets are there and they could be so well suited to the capital supremacy maps.

Asajj Ventress Vs Luminara Unduli & 41st ranger Platoon- For Kashyykk (cause duh)

Dr Bindi (blue shadow Virus guy) Vs Plo Koon & 104th battalion - Naboo

Savage Opress Vs Stass Allie & 91st Recon Corps - Salucami (I believe it is able to be cross era as it's a pretty important planet, it's in starfighter assault and the previous game why not have it for Capital Supremacy for Clone wars and Galactic Assault for Imperial Vs Rebels) plus I'd just generally to see Stass kill Savage for what he did to her cousin.

Cad Bane Vs Mace Windu & The 187th Legion, also known as Mace Windu's Attack Battalion, would be really suitable with Ryloth as it is another Star fighter Assault map.

Aurra Sing and Padmé makes more sense.

All of these characters I believe would really draw more players to the game, they wouldn't be hard to create as there is so much to work with already ingame. A lot of the skins for the rebels ( specialist have very similar assets that could be edited and refined well to make them look as real they can be.
But anyways I seriously cannot wait to see what is coming up.


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