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Forest of Endor

Actual Clone wars Jedi (Non Generic)

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All we have are the 4 boring main characters of the movies give us some better additions please. To be used alongside the clone legions aswell as on capital supremacy I believe these 8 Jedi would be a great addition especially Aayla due to us getting Felucia.



  • I am all for this. I just wonder how many heroes they can add without oversaturating it. I do think they should add skins for certain reinforcement classes, so if they released a 'jedi' reinforcement for the republic they could add skins to that as different characters as shown above? Would make them less on par with the heroes, but would add a little more to the clone wars where jedi were more active on the field.
  • While a Lesser Jedi Reinforcement would be cool and all to have. You have to have some form of counter for them on the enemy side. What would you propose for something like that? Dark Disciples? Magnaguards?
  • these characters are in the original star wars battlefront 2..... so play the original, i want to see ahsoka, ventress. im sick of people wanting game characters that where in previous games. enough is enough if you want to play those characters, play SWBF 2005, SWBF 2014. we need new characters not previous ones.
  • I want Qui-Gon.
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