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Leia worst hero in game.

Where to start everything she does a trooper or another hero can do it better. She’s not fun to play as and has no saving grace about her a rework for her is very needed. She’s boring weak and has not very many ways to protect her from a saber villain if any at all aside from shooting.


  • She's low low below low tier. She's awful in HvV.
  • She needs some help. Her flash grenade should be swapped with the officers, and then buff that grenade to what it used to be. However, Lando is even weaker than Leia. His gun needs some serious buffs to accuracy and overheat.
  • Ankesepamon
    152 posts Member
    edited June 12
    Yet possibly the most annoying hero character in GA, as she hides at the back of the map one-hit killing people from within her protected bubble. Worse than a sniper, at least they require skill to hit the target.
  • Are you kidding me??? Leia is a pure beast! You just have to know how to dodge lightsabers and get headshots with her pistol. She can melt literally anyone in seconds with her pistol and her E-11 is great at close ranges. You just have to learn to roll at the right time. Also her sitting in the back and using alt-fire is part of her kit, snipe those snipers so they come for you and not your team.
  • The E-11 and Flash Combo is annoying as hell. She's fine the way she is
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